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Eliza Garza is a speaker and entrepreneur in South Texas where she owns and operates a Mexican street eats business that specializes in raspas! Eliza is passionate about her Hispanic heritage and is proud to integrate it into the many facets of her life. She believes that part of a child’s pathway to empowerment and authenticity is identifying, understanding, and embracing their culture at a young age so they can be prouder of who they are.


Eliza is the founder of Adventure in a Cup, a program that provides children with the opportunity to learn the principles of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and goal setting by practicing with their own raspa stand for a day. Eliza enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her spoiled poodle named Brinkley, being an active member of her community, and hosting collaborative and empowering events in her spare time.

Book Eliza M. Garza for your next school function, book fair, conference, or corporate event. E-mail: for more information.


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